Southern California Rehab & Recovery

There’s plenty of ways to recover from drugs and alcohol at Southern California Rehab, a premiere Southern California rehab facility that has a progressive philosophy, modern amenities, and full endorsement from the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations – a recognition that is received for only 6% of the most elite treatment programs in the nation. For over fifteen years we have helped thousands of people gently rid themselves of addiction and find inner harmony, and we want to do the same for you.

If you find yourself abusing drugs and alcohol, the award-winning southern California rehab at Southern California Rehab offers effective and consistent treatment methods that can help put a stop to your destructive and self-defeating patterns. In addition to receiving an advanced holistic physical detox, you’ll also benefit from over 65 hours a week of empowering one-on-one therapy sessions with a wide variety of specialists, therapists and counselors. These addiction experts will help you forge a new identity and fill the gaps in your life that your addiction may have caused. They can help repair relationships with your family and friends, and beyond that, they can help rebuild the most important relationship of all . . . your personal relationship with yourself.

You’ll find that we have gone to great lengths to ensure your experience has all of the creature comforts from home, including gourmet meals cooked to your specifications and plenty of privacy. Our holistic rehab facility spans a beautiful 10-acre beachside estate complete with pools, spa settings, workout facilities, and much more. In addition, personal trainers and around-the-clock wellness staff will help accommodate you with your new surroundings at a relaxed pace. The knowledge you’ll gain at our Southern California Rehab campus stays with you well after graduation, and it will continue to offer protection from addiction for the rest of your life. When you are ready to seek a more peaceful way of living, we are ready to show you how. Please call us now.

Chris and Pax Prentiss, Co-Founders of Southern California Rehab

CEO Pax Prentiss and his father Chris created Southern California Rehab as a result of their own successful battle with addiction. Pax was addicted to drugs and alcohol for over a decade before the family was able to prevail against substance abuse and regain the son that they had worried was gone forever. Rather than forgetting about the painful past, Chris and Pax decided to embrace what happened and use it as a new foundation for others to follow. The result was Southern California Rehab, a state-of-the-art rehab facility offering all-natural and customizable treatment programs.

Pax was only able to get effective treatment after he strayed away from generic rehab methods and started focuses on himself as a person. This is why Southern California Rehab analyzes your specific needs on an individual basis and develops a personalized treatment program that will work best for you. It’s the secret to Southern California Rehab’s success, and why so many have rid themselves of addiction after traveling from all over the world to receive treatment here at Malibu, California. When you are ready to start being treated as an individual who matters by professional experts who want to see you succeed, then give us a call now.