About Passages Malibu

Chris and Pax Prentiss cofounded Southern California Rehab in 2001 to celebrate a milestone achievement in Pax’s sobriety. For over ten years, Pax had suffered from a vicious and life-threatening addiction to heroin, alcohol and cocaine, and this was his first year successfully abstaining from the chemicals that had nearly ended his existence. It was a year that marked not only the end of a long personal struggle, but also the beginning of a luxury rehab facility that would change thousands of lives for the better – it was the start of Southern California Rehab.

Although Pax is now a proud family man and a successful CEO, he will never forget how alone and isolated he once was. Multiple chemical dependencies had closed him off from those who had once mattered to him the most. All of his relationships had been replaced by a seemingly incessant craving to abuse substances and escape. It was a tough time for Pax and his family, but also an opportunity to come together and improve.

When Chris learned of his son’s addictions, he accepted the situation and immediately sought a solution. Pax had grown tired of his predicament as well and fully agreed to aggressively seek help. He faithfully attended treatment programs and did exactly what was asked of him, but he found their approach was demeaning and counterproductive. They forced him to say that he was helpless and that he could not control himself, that he was an addict with a disease. How was he supposed to thrive while accepting this unwholesome perception of himself?

The negative shaming inevitably forced Pax to relapse in order to escape the embarrassment and other painful emotions that he was feeling inside. The situation was growing desperate and the two knew that they had to try something outside of conventional treatment options.

The more they researched, the more viable alternative solutions they found. Pax eventually eased into an empowering holistic routine that allowed him to identify the true causes of his addiction with a clear mind and no guilt. He was able to resolve his addiction by working through the underlying causes that were responsible for his cravings. Conventional treatments had failed to reach the core of his addiction in a way that afforded him such high levels dignity and respect.

Chris and Pax decided to use what they have learned as a model for Passages, and they have since gone on to empower thousands of others using holistic methods that are often overlooked by other rehabilitation clinics. In this sense, Southern California does more than merely provide a physical detox – it helps you get over an addiction on an emotional and spiritual level as well. When you are ready to get help, please give our Admissions Department a call. Much like Pax, there is still plenty of hope for you yet – all you need to do is take the first step and get in touch.