Passages Malibu in Southern California

Located in the marvelously sunny beach town of Malibu, California, Passages Malibu offers the latest technological advances in rehabilitative sciences. The world-class amenities and compassionate around-the-clock treatment at Passages Malibu cannot be topped, and its prime beachfront location offers easy access to some of the most beautiful locations in Southern California. This blissful scenery helps Passages Malibu transform your recovery from chemical addiction into a luxurious and spiritual getaway.

What is it Like in Malibu, California?

Malibu, California is far different than its neighboring cities (and all in good ways). Passages Malibu is 33 miles west of downtown Los Angeles, which is much busier and more hectic than Malibu. Passages Malibu is also 18 miles southwest of Calabasas, a crowded suburb that has much less entertainment value than Malibu.

Overall, Malibu is a low population vacation destination that is perfect for a relaxing and safe recovery. There’s plenty of health-conscious activities like concerts, art shows and festivals. Basically, the same reasons that make it a great place to visit are the same reasons that make it a great place for recovery!

The History of Malibu, CA

Malibu expanded its town limits in 1991 and has been gaining popularity ever since. Now it is where Hollywood celebrities and famous athletes come to enjoy a day of shopping and gourmet dining in a laid-back setting without much fuss. Tourism is huge in Malibu, and the rehabilitation industry is not far behind thanks to the immense popularity and success of Passages Malibu.

What is There to do in Malibu, CA?

There’s an abundance of fun and safe activities to be enjoyed on your unsupervised trips at Passages Malibu. Here are some of the great things to do to celebrate your sobriety!



  • Nonstop Beaches – Malibu is known for its gorgeous array of beaches, each with their own distinct look and feel. Surfrider Beach and Zuma Beach are perfect for watersports, and Big Rock Beach has beautiful coastal homes and a rustic coastline that’s ideal for a romantic stroll.
  • Snorkeling – Places like Point Dume and Paradise Cove give you unforgettable access to underwater plants and animals.
  • Tournaments – If you are competitive, Malibu has plenty of tournaments for everything from soccer to frisbee. And since Southern California is full of well-meaning folks, it’s usually for a charitable cause!


  • Seafront Dining – Nobu, the Malibu Pier Restaurant, and Mastro’s Ocean Club are delicious gourmet restaurants that have garnered an elite following from visitors all over the world!
  • Shopping – High-fashion brands like Burgerfi, James Perse and Maxfield attract celebrities and prestigious shoppers alike. You’ll also find a dazzling mix of exclusive boutiques with fabulous wares!
  • Museums – Attractions such as the Malibu Lagoon Museum offer fascinating glimpses at beach-related culture and timeless surfing memorabilia.

Find Your Sobriety in Malibu, California

If you want to have a different lifestyle that’s not guided by addiction, then Passages Malibu can show you a less stressful and more rewarding way of life. Please call our Admissions Department to learn more from a live specialist who can provide you with the information you need to get all-natural help that can work.