6 Reasons Southern California Rehab is Right for You

California is all about surfing, songwriting, and . . . getting sober? Absolutely. Every year Southern California rehab centers receive countless travelers from all over the world who are seeking sobriety in a safe and sunny environment. Here’s six reasons why Southern California rehab center is your luxurious recovery.

1.) Gorgeous Weather

The weather in Southern California is perfect for rehab. No matter what time of the year you come to Passages, you can expect to be drenched with sun – not rain – during your entire stay. The winters are exceptionally mild and the summers are splendid!

2.) Beautiful People

Malibu is a relaxed area where you can easily soak up some sun and look your absolute best in no time. It’s the perfect place to meet interesting and well-cultured people from all over the world. And if you are going to make new connections with new people, why shouldn’t they be beautiful?

3.) The Best Beaches

Think of your stay in Malibu as one endless beach fest. Whether you like to snorkel or sunbathe, you’ll enjoy the fresh air and subtropical climate as you rediscover yourself and what it means to be alive.

4.) Healthy Nightlife

Southern California has plenty of places to engage with the public and enjoy your newfound sobriety. Concerts, art shows, shopping, festivals and tourist hotspots like The Pier offer all-night entertainment that’s fun and temptation-free.

5.) Plenty of Places to Reflect

Recovery is all about moments of deep self-reflection, and some of the most beautiful places in the state can be found in Southern California. Rehab lessons really seem to stick with you after a couple of long nature walks through mountains, canyons, and beaches. It’s why so many people come here!

6.) A Health-Conscious Vibe

The people of Southern California are well-known for their healthy lifestyle. Fresh fruits, ocean minerals and plenty of Vitamin D from the sun all contributes to a positive outlook on life. In other words, Southern California is one of the friendliest atmospheres for rehabilitation!


Ready for Rehab in Southern California?

For many people struggling with an addiction to drugs and alcohol, Southern California rehab centers hold the key to sobriety. Passages Malibu is a leading Southern California rehab center with the modern amenities and expertise needed to rid you of your drug and alcohol dependency once and for all. Please call our compassionate admissions team for more information at any time, day or night – we’re waiting to help.